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Bill - Fixing a stripped screw hole in wood.

Fill the hole with tooth picks (broken to length) and white glue and carefully insert the screw.

Give it an hour to set.

 - job done :)

VCS - Storing bread in the fridge

Suck the air out of the bag, twist, and fold under . Bread will stay fresh a long time in your fridge.

 - Be careful to not suck up crumbs :)

VCS - Storing cut onions, peppers, and tomatoes in the fridge.

Cut off the slices you want - be sure you make a flat cut. Place the unused part, cut side down,  on a flat saucer.

 - Keeps cut produce fresh for several weeks.

VCS - Storing green onions in the sun.

Store green onions in a glass container with the roots covered in water. Place them on a window sill with lots of light. Once the roots start to grow - so will the onions.

 - Cut fresh onions off the top as needed :)

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