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Marita ...


So you are planning a trip :)   You may find this interesting ...


Many of us collect points in the form of Air Miles, Aeroplan Miles and credit card travel points.  So of course, when you plan a flight, hotel stay or choose to rent a vehicle, you want to check out what you can get for your points or miles.  We are also bombarded with ads from various travel sites which offer special deals.  Hmmmm,  let's also consider the major airlines in Canada and the airlines from south of the border.  That's an awful lot of research!  So now you need to make a spreadsheet to collect all the data. This could take many evenings and re-dos.  I did just that.

Well folks, I learned a valuable lesson. After dropping in to a travel agent's office, she came up with the best prices and times, within minutes. They were close to and some less costly than the results I got! Yes, there is a fee  - at around 50 bucks - but I considered it well worth every penny!

Not only did she get my flights organized but got my hotel reserved, checked into cab fares and got me a printout of how to get around one of the major airports!


Long live Travel Agents :)

Whitemouth Willie ...


Car will not start in the extremely cold temps of a Manitoba winter ?


If it sounds like it is flooded - you can use the same approach you do with a carborated engine. Push the petal to the floor and turn it over. My car starts immediately with this approach.


Apparently - the computer assumes the engine is flooded when you push the gas pedal all the way down. It then makes some adjustments to the startup system which seem to work very well.


WJK ...

Starting your fuel injected car.


Most vehicles are fuel injected these days. You will get much faster and cleaner starts if you let

the injection compressor come up to pressure before you crank the starter.

Put your key in and turn on the car but do not try to start it yet. You should hear a small pressure pump

running from the back of the vehicle - close to the fuel tank. Start the vehicle once this pump has stopped.

This should not take more than 5 seconds.


Your engine will thank you :)


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